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Draco Burst


Bursting Out!

-Draco Burst's Catchphase.

Draco Burst is a Obsidian Lava Rock Lizard who was made by DigiPonyTheDigimon.


Draco lived in the heart of the volcano when the volcano erupt his egg fallen to a lost island, the people of the lost island adopt the baby lizard. he was adopted and train he was a little mischievous because he kept exploding all over the whole town until he was already tamed and grown up, Until a Invasion of Trolls came to destroy the lost island town Draco stop the trolls and remember his powers of bursting fire he gave a painful explosion to the trolls the people where saved. Draco was thanked by the people of his town and Portal Master Digipony made him a skylander.


Starting Upgrades

Name Info Price
Firey Blast Breath Fire out of mouth. None


Exploding yourself cost damage to enemies around you. None

Basic Upgrades

Name Info Price
Burping out a Fire Rock Firey Blast gains a rock in a fire ball  when you blast out a fire from your mouth 100
Exploding Body Parts of Rocks When you Explode your rock body parts hits enemies crictical hits everything in sight. 300
Rocky Arms Don't Break My Skin! Obsidian Rock Arms gets more defence. 800
Exploding Burst Out!

.Exploding All Around enemies from farher out and exploding rocks get more closer to farher enemies now.


Fire Tornados and Fire Breathes

Name Info Price
Spinning a Fire Hold 'B' to turn around making Fire all around enemies and makes you spin across the place. 960
Fire Tornado Hold 'B' to Make a Fire Tornado while doing 'Spinning A Fire' Move turning around the place gathers enemies Big or small enemies (Except for Giant Enemies.) 897
Rocky Lava Burp Burps a Lava filled with rocks making enemies go burning!

Exploding Rocks!

Name Info Price
Obsidian Rock Explosion Obsidian Rocks Flew out to hit enemies when holding 'B' for a Power explosion. 790
Power Explosion Making More Rocks for preparing Hold 'B' to prepare a Strong Crictical Explosion and Release 'B' to Attack. 567
Using Your Rocks   Alive rocks appear when being recover from an Explosion live rocks attack enemies for exploding for you! what a nice rocks!

Soul Gem" Upgrade

Name Info Price
Lava Exploding Geysers Rocks and Lava Burst out in 11 Holes when holding 'Y' The Lava Geysers surround you to protect you from the enemies and defeats closer enemies and farher enemies.



Battle Cries

  • "Bursting Out!"
  • "Explosion is my motion!"
  • "All explosion and no rough!" 
  • "You have been rocked on!"
  • "Survival of the rocks!"
  • "Flaming no gaining!
  • "Explosion is my middle name!"
  • "Rough explosion but tough!"
  • "Flame the main!"
  • "Rocky Rocky!"
  • "Fear The Rocks!"
  • "My Stats are exploding!" - When checking Stats Info
  • "Rock on!"  - When checking Stats Info
  • "I Like my new rockin hat!"  - When putting on a hat
  • "My New and improve exploding hat!"  - When putting on a hat
  • "Rockin Name!"  - When given a nickname
  • "My name my main!" - When given a nickname
  • "Flying Explosion!"  - When using a bounce pad
  • "Exploding Though!"  - When opening up a gate


  • Even though he is a Fire Element Skylander his rock color is blue not red but his rocks are made of obsidian and lava rocks.
  • His Color Scheme resembles the level: Magma Moon Marathon, a level in Lego Racers