Feathery Down

Feathery down reference image.

Feathery DownEdit

"Hue and Cry!"~ Feathery Down's battle cry

Main InformationEdit

Feathery Down is a wingless parrot-dragon hybrid. He is a member of the Skylanders team and an Air element.


Feathery Down, known to his friends as simply Feather, is a stubborn yet caring dragon. One of his best friends, despite the element difference, is Bash, who shares his wish for the power of flight.


Back when Feathery Down was a young hatchling, newly emerged from the shell of his egg, everybody knew that something was wrong with the hybrid. Unlike his three siblings, the blue dragon was wingless; a new mutation for the city of Featherfang, home to parrots and dragons alone. Upon acknowledging the terrible fact that he would be left behind one day, Feathery Down left behind his winged brethren and set out exploring. And it was slowly revealed that, despite his troubles, the blue dragon was as agile and quick-minded as any other, winged parrot or even dragon for that matter. After many decades of travelling and fighting, he was located by Portal Master Eon, who unhesitantly sent Bash to register the hybrid as a Skylander.

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