"Slash With The Clash!"
—Night Slasher's official catchphrase

Night Slasher is a Anthro Undead dragon created by DigiponyTheDigimon on Deviantart.


He was a young dragon until Malefor the Dark Master told him to join his evil ways, but the young Night Slasher said no, so Malefor became mad, and he banished Night Slasher to the Dark Puddle until he became a teenage dragon warrior, and so Malefor attacked him. Night Slasher tried to defeat him but someone saved him, but Night Slasher escaped from him. He now serves as a Warrior in Skylands.


Starting Upgrades

Name Info Price
Moon Axe Slashing a enemy with your moon axe None

Batty Friend

Send Down your Bat Pet to attack enemy None

Basic Upgrades

Name Info Price
Dark Flame Breathe out a purple dark flame made of darkness. 99
Howling Forces Howls at the moon to call undead dragon minions to attack. 100
Ghostly Dash! Swoop to enemies and then spook them! and attack! 200
Night Slasher's Flying Moves Lets Night Slasher to fly. 235

Axe and Bat Power!

Name Info Price
Moon Power Axe Your Moon Crescent Axe will have more power and a New Axe! 289
Bigger and Batter! Your Bat can be bigger by your axe and the Undead Zones to swoop and attack enemies for more damage. 300
Batty Puppy Bat becomes a dog to attacks enemies from the ground don't worry! your bat pet turns normal after battle. 300

Bones for Life!

Name Info Price
Undead Followers Your Undead Dragons can follow you in a 10 dragon pack! 340
Exploding Bones! Your Undead Skeletons Dragon Pack will follow and attack enemies. 350
Skeleton Armor Your undead dragons have armor for battling enemies and more protection! 360

"Soul Gem" Upgrade

Name Info Price
Love Of The Moon Gains energy from moonlight 1000



  • When he was not infected by the dark puddle he had lighter color scheme when he was normal.