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"Spread the Word!" - Smile Dog's catchphrase

Smile Dog is an Undead Skylander. He is a gray and white husky puppy, he wears a gold collar with a green pumpkin lantern on it. He has gray eyes and black colored claws. He wields a double edged battle axe with a skull on it as a weapon.

He lives in a small house in Willow Woods in the Glade of Dreams. His house is also his shop, where he sells sweets.


Smile Dog was an orphan who was abandoned by his parents when he was just barely a year old, he was left in a basket in the Black Forest, where he was discovered by a group of evil wolves. The wolves would work as a team, scaring others who venture out in the woods. Smile Dog's special friendship with the wolves, especially with their leader, Roke, who acted as a mother to Smile, allowed him to join the pack even though he wasn't a wolf. One day, the residents of the land were tired of the wolves terrorizing the forest, so, an alicorn named Claud used her magic to raise the sun over the Black Forest, the sun was so bright in the forest that it burned it down, Smile Dog was the only survivor. Soon he found his way to Willow Woods and met the Skylanders and soon became a Skylander himself.


Skylanders: Battle of MagicEdit

Smile Dog appears as one of the new core Skylanders in Skylanders: Battle of Magic. He also has a LightCore variant, where the green pumpkin lantern on his collar lights up.

Skylanders: Legends of MagicEdit

In the series of fanfics Skylanders: Legends of Magic, Smile Dog is one of the six main characters. He is wielder of the Undead Elemental Crystal. He first appears in Alicorn of the Ocean.


Starting Powers

  • Axe Slash: Press attack 1 to slash your axe against foes.
  • Shadow Sneak: Press attack 2 to turn into a black shadow for a second and dash against your foes.

Basic Upgrades

  • Skull Axe: Axe Slash does extra damage.
  • Black Mist: Shadow Sneak lasts longer.

Midnight Slasher Path

  • Axe Mass: Press and hold attack 1 and attack 2 for Undead Slasher. Press attack 1 and hold attack 3 for Skull Bash.
  • Husky Blade: Axe does maximum damage.
  • Slash from Above: Press attack 1 when jumping to do a axe slashing pound onto your foes.

Hide and Sleek Path

  • Black Pelt: Shadow Sneak lasts longer and does extra damage.
  • Midnight Fog: Turn into a blacker shadow for extra protection and damage.
  • Shadow Heart: Shadow Sneak does maximum damage.

Soul Gem Upgrade

  • Lum Friend: Summon a black lum friend to help you fight enemies for a limited time.



  • Smile Dog is the only Skylander so far to have an upgrade which allows him/her to have an attack to be used when jumping.
  • He was chosen to be a fox on AJ instead of a wolf because it looks more like him than a wolf does. He is still supposed to be a husky though.